Small Group Training

small group training

Small Group Training is a fun, motivating way to move! You will be in a fantastic group who are all trying to increase their own fitness and strength.

What is Small Group Training?
Small Group Training with a Só Você personal training is a fun outdoors group physical training programme designed to build strength & fitness through a variety of group training sessions over a 45 minute period of time.

These groups provide an inspiring, fun and non-judgmental environment for you to find your feet as you begin your journey, or a chance to be pushed to achieve greater goals.
Full focus during the four or six week small group session programme clients can expect:
Increased fitness
Increased strength and endurance
Reduction in cms
Reduction in weight
Endorphin release
Sweat & laughter
To make some new friends
Learn some new 'moves' to incorporate into their own training

It is ALL about how much EFFORT YOU put in!

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    Get fit and make new friends at the same time:

    Summer Sizzle 2018 - 6 weeks
    Starts 15th January 2018
    Summer Stunner 2018 - 6 weeks
    Starts 26th February 2018
    Moving Madness 2018 - 6 weeks
    Starts TBC 2018

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"I like Karina's relaxed and fun attitude towards her fitness programmes (something that is hard to find a happy medium with at times). I highly recommend Karina to all. Good fun and getting fit at the same time."
Rowena (Você in the Park session 2013)