Small Group Training

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Small Group Training is an opportunity for you to kick start your fitness, health & well-being within a small motivational group.

Full focus during the four or six week small group session programme clients can expect:
Increased fitness
Increased strength and endurance
Reduction in cms
Reduction in weight
Endorphin release
Sweat & laughter
To make some new friends
Learn some new 'moves' to incorporate into their own training

It is ALL about how much EFFORT YOU put in!

  • Group Training

    Get fit and make new friends at the same time:

    Winter Warmer - 4 weeks
    Starts 12th June 2017
    Winter Warmer #2 - 4 weeks
    Starts 17th July 2017
    Spring Ready - 6 weeks
    Starts 14th August 2017
    Spring Fit - 6 weeks
    Starts 25th September 2017
    Christmas Crackdown - 6 weeks
    Starts 6th November 2017

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"Love, love, love Karina's one on one sessions and boot camps, she is motivating and encouraging and I cannot speak highly of her and the work she does. For anyone out there that needs a trainer or wants to try out boot camps. Karina is your person.. Thank you so much."
Susan (Personalised Training & Group Training 2014)