Personalised Training

mobile personalised training

Do you have health & fitness goals, but need help starting? Personalised Training with a Mobile Personal Trainer will get you started, & achieving your goals faster. I am ready to push & challenge you to reach your goals.

What is Personalised Training?
Personalised Training with Só Você's Mobile Personal Trainer is designed to get you to your goal(s) faster. Sessions are designed specifically for YOU, with my goal to see YOU reach your goal(s).

I will challenge you to do more than you think you are capable of. I will push you to try new things. I will ensure we are training to get fitter, stronger, faster, happier, in less pain; whatever your goal is.
What do I receive?
Initial assessment - body measurements (NB: I do not weigh clients).
Postural & functional testing to assess any areas of weakness, previous injuries, tightness & injury compensation.
Goal setting discussion.
Programme designed specifically for your goals.
Weekly training sessions (I recommend 2-3 sessions a week).
Exercise adaptions to ensure suits your body's current level of fitness, injuries and areas of weakness.
Nutritional advice.
Advice on additional training you can be doing to enhance your training.
Regular re-testing to ensure we are moving towards your goals.

Also, an invitation to join the 'Só Você Addicts' Facebook group, which is a free group of like minded clients who enjoy doing activities together (events and adventures).
Where do we train?
As a Mobile Personal Trainer I can train you anywhere! Your local park, Hamilton Lake or your home. I bring the gear.. you just dress to move & bring water and a towel.

  • Personalised Training

    Personal sessions to achieve your goals

    30 min 1-on-1$30
    60 min 1-on-1$50
    30 min 2-on-1$40
    60 min 2-on-1$60
    See Small Group Training for larger group options

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"I like Karina's relaxed and fun attitude towards her fitness programmes (something that is hard to find a happy medium with at times). I highly recommend Karina to all. Good fun and getting fit at the same time."
Rowena (Você in the Park session 2013)