Corporate Groups

corporate group programmes

Corporate Groups create a culture of health & fitness at your workplace with group fitness sessions with Só Você. Watch your team’s productivity and morale soar.

What is Corporate Training?
Do you have a wellness programme at your work? Do you have a group wanting to work together to get fit, healthy and spend some time focussing on their own well-being?

Corporate training is all about team work and having fun while working out. It is challenging, yet rewarding both mentally and physically.
Corporate Training programmes can be personally designed around what is needed by your group or business. With the fantastic list of benefits, why wouldn't you do it!
Increased morale amongst team
Increased productivity
Improved job satisfaction
Better team work
Reduced absenteeism due to sickness and injury
Improved ability to focus and engage at work
Improved health of employees
Increased energy levels

"Love, love, love Karina's one on one sessions and boot camps, she is motivating and encouraging and I cannot speak highly of her and the work she does. For anyone out there that needs a trainer or wants to try out boot camps. Karina is your person.. Thank you so much."
Susan (Personalised Training & Group Training 2014)