• group training personal training Hamilton
    Small Group Training

    Small Group Training is an opportunity for you to kick start your fitness, health & well-being within a small motivational group.

  • mobile personalised training
    Personalised Training

    Do you have health & fitness goals, but need help starting? Personalised Training with a Mobile Personal Trainer will get you started, & achieving your goals faster. I am ready to push & challenge you to reach your goals.

  • personalised programmes Hamilton
    Personalised Programmes

    Can't make a personal session, but want a personalised programme. I have options for you depending on what your personal goal is.

  • at-home workout consultation hamilton
    At-Home Workout Consultation

    An At-Home Workout Consultation is a personal one hour consultation at your place we a Mobile Personal Trainer. With your goals in mind the trainer will help you design a programme to achieve your goals.

  • event programmes
    Event Programmes

    Event Programmes train as a group or on your own towards a specific event. I help you get to the start line confidently and the finish line comfortably.

  • corporate group programmes
    Corporate Groups

    Corporate Groups create a culture of health & fitness at your workplace with group fitness sessions with Só Você. Watch your team’s productivity and morale soar.

"Karina was a huge part in getting me from 'sometimes runner' to 'Marathon Finisher'. Not only was the programme great but her advice and support was top notch. The best thing is, Karina practices what she preaches. You know that if she is advising you to do something, that she has experimented with that exact thing. She is the ultimate coach/guinea pig. Thanks again Karina."
Gig (Huntly Half Marathon & Auckland Marathon 2012)