• group training personal training Hamilton
    Small Group Training

    Small Group Training is an opportunity for you to kick start your fitness, health & well-being within a small motivational group.

  • mobile personalised training
    Personalised Training

    Do you have health & fitness goals, but need help starting? Personalised Training with a Mobile Personal Trainer will get you started, & achieving your goals faster. I am ready to push & challenge you to reach your goals.

  • personalised programmes Hamilton
    Personalised Programmes

    Can't make a personal session, but want a personalised programme. I have options for you depending on what your personal goal is.

  • at-home workout consultation hamilton
    At-Home Workout Consultation

    An At-Home Workout Consultation is a personal one hour consultation at your place we a Mobile Personal Trainer. With your goals in mind the trainer will help you design a programme to achieve your goals.

  • event programmes
    Event Programmes

    Event Programmes train as a group or on your own towards a specific event. I help you get to the start line confidently and the finish line comfortably.

  • corporate group programmes
    Corporate Groups

    Corporate Groups create a culture of health & fitness at your workplace with group fitness sessions with Só Você. Watch your team’s productivity and morale soar.

"If you have a fitness goal and you want to see great results, then use Karina to get you on the right track.  In March 2013, I started my journey with her, focusing on improving my core strength (due to very bad back) . With her help and support, I have made great progress and see improvements in my daily life.  My fitness has improved significantly going from strength to strength and I can see improvements every day. Karina makes every workout fun, interesting, and different with new challenges every time. So don't wait give her a call today I highly recommend her as a trainer."
Tina (Personalised Training 2013)